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God's Plan

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While there are many religions and beliefs, the Bible says that there are only two spiritual kingdoms. One is ruled by God and the other by self. God's kingdom is a place where we can enjoy a loving relationship with him and each other forever (1 Timothy 2:4). It is full of peace and joy because he is a safe leader who uses his power selflessly (Romans 14:17). This sounds great, but if he is so loving and powerful, why isn’t everything perfect right now?

If God ended all evil and suffering now, we would lose our freedom to choose. God is tolerating the evil in and around us in order to give us time to choose him (2 Peter 3:9). But because God is good, he won’t let evil continue on forever. At the end of this age he will destroy evil so that love will flourish unhindered (Revelation 11:18). 

Therefore, the main decision we make in this life is to decide who will be our life leader. If you think about your own life, who is leading it right now?

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